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In order to visualize characters for my writing projects, I like to create concept art of them. However, I can't draw to save my life. So I make pixel art instead.

Please refer to the Creative Commons buttons near each image for license info. Click on each image to open a larger version!

"Veiley Portrait" - Posted 3/15/2021

I see a couple holes in this design, but overall I like it. I might change the color of the suit, though.


"Leviat Portrait" - Posted 3/15/2021

This is far from the final design. He looks more like a duck than a crocodile robot in here. He's supposed to be intimidating, I swear.


"Kachina" - Posted 3/15/2021

This was an art project that I used to accompany a short horror story project named Kachina. The creature is based on the idolatrous cult of the Hopi tribe, and the Kachina demon of vengeance is the main antagonist of the story.


"Squid Supreme" - Posted on 3/15/2021

The character Squid Supreme (working title) from the Fauxpolitik project (also a working title). He is based on cold war propaganda posters.


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