Here's a list of sites that I found educational/interesting enough to feature on my page. Some of my Neocities mutuals are also listed on here. More links to come!


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Maronite/Catholic Info

Warning! Not every site here is sedevacantist. Proceed with caution.

Most Holy Family Monastery Many videos and articles covering the Catholic position of sedevacantism. Very important.

Maronite Heritage Website with lots of information relating to the East Syriac rite of the Catholic Church, the Maronites.

Kobayat History of the Maronite church, and a list of every Maronite Patriarch.

Calefactory Traditional Catholic Calendar 2022 A neatly organized traditional Catholic liturgical calendar.

Living Maronite A hub of Maronite history and resources. It also contains a calendar for Maronite-specific feast days (They differ slightly from the Roman Catholic calendar).

Unholy Alliances by Dr. James Wardner The full text of the must-read book by Dr. James Wardner (RIP). The raw text file is available to download on The Internet Archive.

Free Traditional Catholic Books A collection of freely downloadable public domain works from various church fathers, saints, and other important Catholic figures.

Haydock's Catholic Bible Commentary, 1859 edition This is hosted on the Internet Archive. Good reading if you can stand the sluggish Wayback Machine.

The Papal Encyclicals Online A convenient-to-browse repository for Papal Encyclicals. However, it does include the works of the heretical Anti-Popes as well. Just stick to Pius XII and his precedents, and you'll be fine.


Nothing Man Obscure Neocities page that's currently under construction. Has some great links and cool glitch art! Thanks for the CSS!

Didn't Ask One of the first pages I found on Neocities. Helped me start my RSS feed. Good lad.

Chill85s NeoCities Homepage! A very retro website from the nostalgic artist, Chris! There's some really goof 50-60's TV cartoon art on his art page.

NukaFurb's Furby World Retro computing, custom sewing, and furbies as far as the eye can see! Definitely worth a bookmark.

Obspogon's Zone If you're a fan of Nintendo or Freeware games, this is the static-spot for you.

Omoulo's Digital Wellbeing An amazingly talented digital artist provides helpful tips and facts about the dangers of modern internet reliance.

inaka The personal website and portfolio of an excellent Japanese photographer.

[Aegi's Cafe] A creatively-formatted personal site with a cozy pixel-art aesthetic.

7nonsense Lovely photography with vintage camera equipment, including the GameBoy Camera! There's even some neat glitch art as well.

Infinite Shoals Website themeing taken to a whole new level of immersion. "Attention to detail" are the key-words here.

Cloverbell Vietnamese-American artist with a knack for watercolor and a penchant for plushies. Very cute web design.

Old Tech

Steve's Old Computer Museum Images of computers from as far back as the 70s.

TempleOS Download the public domain operating system created by Terry A. Davis.

Labguy's World A page dedicated to the history of pre-VHS video recording.

Old Computer Museum A digital museum with lots of old computer pictures. Not to be confused with Steve's Old Computer Museum.

The San Francisco FogCam! The oldest continuously operating webcam in the world, this webcam has been streaming live since 1994.

The HP9845 Project Has some pictures of cool art displays created with the ancient HP9845 computer.

JsPaint A Javascript MSPaint clone.

Privacy, Open Source, and Freeware

DigDeeper Well-researched articles that cover internet privacy, anonymity, and culture.

Online Spyware Watchdog A website that exposes popular spyware apps and websites.

VPN Comparison by That One Privacy Guy An extensive comparison of every VPN service. It also contains info about VPNs in general.

Have I been pwned? Check if your email was leaked in a data breach.

The Paranoid's Bible An anti-dox site that provides tips on how to remove your personal data from the web. Possibly the only tumblr page worth reading.

Snoptya A site that provides many privacy-minded internet services.

Eldritch Data Articles about privacy, technocracy, and GNU/Linux systems. There's also some creative writing to be found.

GearJail Articles about Android privacy and games.


DOS Haven: 21st Century DOS games Repository for old DOS games, new games for DOS, and DOS homebrew games.

PCjs An IBM PC emulator for browsers.

Flashpoint A flash game/animation preservation project.

Play Classic Games A DOS and classic console emulator that can be used in your browser.

Worlds Dead virtual social game has been continuously online since 1995. Lots of empty lobbies here.

Noclip A collection of video game maps that you can explore in-browser.

Vimm's Lair A long-running emulation site that has been "preserving the classics since 1997".

vgperson's stuff The personal home page of a video game developer and translator. Home to a cool Yume Nikki Randomizer.


Warning! There may be some impure/NSFW content in these archives. They can be avoided, however. Proceed with caution!

the textfile directory Text files from the 80s-mid 90s.

Gifcities GIF search engine that scans through archived Geocities pages.

Oocities A large archive of Geocities pages from 2009.

The Old Internet A search engine for archived websites from the 90s to 2005.

restorativland An archive of Geocities sites, MySpace music, and more.

Lost Media Wiki (LMW) A community that archives and seeks lost media.

The Internet Archive The Internet's largest archive. Home to the Wayback Machine, and many other project

LoA2K A large archive of previously lost/inaccessible vaporwave music.


Neo-Neighborhoods Directory A new directory site for Neocities sites like mine! I'm a member of the Heartlands Neighborhood.

Districts Similar to Neo-Neighborhoods, this is the most popular directory of Neocities sites on the platform.

Peelopaalu A long list of random links. A lot of the links on this page are from there.

AllChans A directory/search engine for imageboard sites.

/g/'s good sites A directory of sites created by an anon from 4chan's /g/ board.

Virtual Vault A random collection of links, hosted on a Neocities site!

Wiby A search engine for simple, Web 1.0-esque webpages.

Public Domain/CC Media

Wikimedia Commons Lots of high-quality public domain and creative commons images here.

OpenGameArt A collection of public domain and creative commons game assets.

Project Gutenberg Over 60,000 public domain e-books available here.

Free Music Archive A site that hosts many PD/CC music tracks to listen and download.

Center for the Study of the Public Domain An excellent repository of information regarding copyright law and the public domain. Home to Public Domain Day (Jan. 1st).

3DModelsCC0 A site that hosts downloadable 3D models with a CC0 (Public Domain) license.

The Public Domain Superheroes Wiki Scans and info about public domain comics/pulps.

YouTube Links

Anomaly Documentaries Well-edited and researched documentaries about a variety of obscure phenomena. Good for background noise.

Fredrik Knudsen Home to Down the Rabbit Hole, which is likely the best documentary series on YouTube.

Jonny Music Pipe organ covers of many familiar pop/film/game songs.

KrimsonRogue Entertaining book reviwer. If you grew up with Channel Awesome reviewers, then you'll probably get a kick out of this guy.

Oddity Archive Great old-tech/media showcase channel. He's been at it for like a decade at this point, give him a follow for respect!

Tech Rules Some pretty informative and entertaining video essays about video game design and programming.

Toad McKinley Formerly(?) a drama channel, he has moved on to producing long-form, deeply researched documentaries about various online phenomena.

Vernaculis The only one who made it out of the 2016 "Gamergate-sphere" unscathed. He's a journalist and writer now, and a pretty good one too.

8thManDVD Some excellent remasters of classic cartoons can be viewed here. Be sure to turn down your volume before clicking on a video, for some reason this channel's intros are stupidly loud.

Misc. Sites

My 70/80/90's TV Watch TV virtually in your browser! Good for background noise.

Garfield Minus Garfield Garfield comic strips, but Garfield is edited out.

Urban Exploration Resource Photographs and information related to the hobby of Urban Exploration.

Cinema Serene Keks Website of a really cool GMOD cinema server. The admin is a really chill guy.

CyTube An open-source alternative to SyncTube. There's some really great stations on here for comfy viewing and background noise.

Based Cooking A simple HTML recipe website. Great for finding a recipe without all the Web 2.0 jS bloat.

RPC Authority A wikidot of short horror stories. They're like the SCP Foundation, only without all the faggotry.

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