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Thursday, 4/8/2021 | Mood - Annoyed

I was finally able to upload the new tradwave edit that I finished last night. I would have uploaded it earlier, but catbox.moe was down for whatever reason. Ah well. At least it still exists, unlike imgpile. It's still weird how no one on the Internet is talking about the imgflip memory-hole. It had an active user base, last time I checked. I wonder if I'll be able to delete my account now.

Why am I annoyed? Can't say. I'm not really aggravated or anything, it's just an air of exasperation that I feel right now. Maybe it's because everybody's awake right now. The noise. There's always so much noise.

Did I mention the earbuds that I got on my birthday? They work well. Nothing more to say about that, I suppose.

I might do a review of Kingdom Come: Deliverance in the future. I tried it out this morning, and it's pretty good thus far. I really enjoy the historical tidbits they have in the menu. Whenever I learn something about history, it makes me feel like I'm not wasting my time (even thoug I kind of am). Could be worse. I could be reading Warhammer lore.

I really enjoy the environment in this game. Very well detailed. Source

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Wednesday, 4/7/2021 | Mood - n/a

Haven't updated in like a whole week lol. Terrible, terrible, terrible. Yesterday was my birthday, I hit the big 2-0, as I initially dreaded. It was nice. I took the opinion of MHFM and downplayed the occasion as to not engage in self-worship. Still, my family insisted on having a dinner out for the night. We went to Dave & Busters. It was fun.

Finally got some new earbuds, as my old one blew out. I have a bad habit of sleeping with them on, and many a pair of earbuds have been ripped because of it. I know I said I was going to set up a coinbase account, but I want to wait until someone that I know has an account send me a referral link. That way, we can both get some free crypto from the acount setup.

If I'm gonna give all my identifying info, I might as well tangibly profit off of it.

Did I do an update for Easter? No, I didn't. Terrible. It was the same celebratory time as it was last year. The only difference is that I lacked any social medias this year, so thankfully I didn't have to suffer through retarded Protestants and their baseless pagan accusations. Finally.

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Thursday, 4/1/2021 | Mood - Optimistic

New month, new blog page. Cool stuff! I'm really liking where this site is going.

Gonna set up a coinbase account today! I'm gonna finally hop on the old bicoin/crypto bandwagon. I also want to dabble in some Ethereum, Monero, and Neocoin (just for fun! If you don't know about neocoin, it can be found here.

I've also been moving the image host from imgpile to catbox.moe recently. I have no idea why, but imgpile dropped off the face of the Earth, and no one seemed to notice! I'm gonna need a more permanent host for my content. I want to support NeoCities so I can get the boosted storage space, but I also don't want to bloat up my site with a bunch of images. Hosting on other services seems to be the best option at this particular time. If this service goes under, I'll bite the bullet and get the upgrade.

Still working on the short story, yadda yadda. See ya in a couple days.

Oh! By the way, I made a little comic. I don't think I'll put them in art, but I may make more.

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