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Wednesday, 7/14/2021 | Mood - Bored

Gotta go in to work today. Classes ended, btw. It was only a 5-week course, but it had the workload of a 16-week course lol. Got a second job at a cyber-cafe (it's like a LAN center) to fill in my free time. I might be able to update my site from work, actually.

You know what would be cool? A Neocities app- or an app that I can update html from. Come to think of it, that idea sounds really stupid. What am I even talking about? I gotta be honest- the biggest reason I haven't updated this site in a while is due to insecurity. I haven't developed enough confidence in my writing to finish anything- let alone publish it. I get an idea, I get really excited about it, then I scrap it. Then I get another idea- cycle continues. It's been that way since middle school, which was my most active period of creation (as sad as that sounds lol). I think I'll write an article about my experience running an amateur comic book company at my old school. That sounds like a project I might not neglect.

But enough of me bellyaching. More content is on the way, eventually.

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Monday, 7/5/2021 | Mood - Recharged

What happened? I know, I know. That was a long hiatus. I don't really know what happened. I just didn't update my blog one day, and before I knew it, 3 months shot by. I guess getting a summer job didn't help either. A full-time job and summer classes really eat away at my time (not to mention energy).

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